Exclude Bad Traffic

Ensure that your ads only receive traffic from reputable, high-performing sources. Exclude low performing placements, site categories, disable search partner sites, and much more.

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Exclude Mobile Apps

Mobile apps tend to attract accidental clicks and fewer conversions. When ads displayed in mobile apps are performing poorly, Opteo will recommend excluding them from your account.

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Candy Crush Saga
Cube Surfer
Foodie Yama
Coin Master
Clash of Clans

In-app mobile placements have a CPA of $249.30 over the last 60 days, in contrast, Search Campaigns has an average CPA of $10.32 over the last 60 days. This suggests Ads being displayed on mobile apps are increasing your cost per conversion.

Exclude Placements

When conversion rates are worse than average for a placement, Opteo will recommend adding that placement to an exclusion list. This helps boost performance and protect your brand.

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Shared Exclusion List

Disable Partner Sites

When ads perform poorly on Google Search Partner sites, Opteo will recommend disabling Search Partners for the relevant campaigns. Reduce wasted spend and boost efficiency.

Open Example Improvement
Search Partners Site CPA

Ads on Search Partner Sites had an average CPA of £276.16 over the last 60 days, in contrast to a CPA of £74.46 on the Google Network.

Exclude Categories

When your ads are performing poorly on websites in specific categories, Opteo will recommend excluding those site categories. Make sure your ads are being displayed on websites that work for your brand.

Open Example Improvement
Death and Tragedy
Juvenile, Gross, and Bizarre
Profanity and Rough Language
Sexually Suggestive Content
Parked Domains

Opteo eliminates many of the daily and weekly challenges faced when managing multiple clients and campaigns. Instant optimisations make planning more efficient and effective.

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