Exclude Site Placement

Consider excluding your ads from the website bet888.com. Ads shown on this site perform worse than average (using CPA as the primary performance indicator). Adding this website to a shared exclusion list should lower your overall CPA. Click Exclude Site Placement to add the site to a shared exclusion list.

Ads in the following campaigns could appear on bet888.com:

Indoor Plants
Work from Home
Plant Care
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bet888.com Preview

Improvement Statistics



£223.40 was spent on bet888.com over the last 60 days.



Ads on bet888.com were responsible for 3 conversions (as specified in the campaign group Search Campaigns) over the last 60 days.



bet888.com has a CPA of £74.46 over the last 60 days.


Average CPA

Search Campaigns has an average CPA of £14.68 over the last 60 days.

This improvement was last updated 3 days ago, using data from the last 64 days.