Exclude Mobile Apps

Ads being displayed on mobile apps are increasing your cost per conversion. Hit Exclude Mobile Apps to prevent your ads from being shown on mobile apps — they tend to attract many accidental clicks and few conversions.

Push this improvement to create a new placement exclusion list called Mobile App Exclusions (mobile_app_exclusion). This will be applied to the following campaigns:

Sleep & Wake-up
Stress & Anxiety
Learn more about excluding mobile apps in Google Ads

Top Spending Mobile Apps

Word Life

Clash Royale

Holy Bible — King James

Anime Piano Tiles

Improvement Statistics



$1,246.50 was spent on in-app mobile placements over the last 60 days.



In-app mobile placements were responsible for 5 conversions (as specified in the campaign group Search Campaigns) over the last 60 days.



In-app mobile placements have a CPA of $249.30 over the last 60 days.


Average CPA

Search Campaigns has an average CPA of $10.32 over the last 60 days.

This improvement was last updated 3 days ago, using data from the last 64 days.