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Get Google Ads performance snapshots with easy to understand, percentage-based scores. Learn more about performance drivers and areas that need some attention. Export and share with clients and colleagues in a click.

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An intuitive scoring system that simplifies account performance.

Each card receives a score out of 100. The higher the score, the better your Google Ads performance in that area. Scores are easy to understand and can be useful when guiding stakeholders through Google Ads concepts.

Budget Limited Campaigns
Score History
Quality Score
Score History
Search Term Coverage
Score History
Score History
Budget Limited Campaigns
  • 94
    25th February 2021
    Generated at 4:20pm
  • 83
    12th December 2020
    Generated at 3:48pm
  • 57
    16th July 2020
    Generated at 10:22am
  • 36
    19th March 2020
    Generated at 9:36m

Scorecard gives you a high-level overview of the things that matter.

Understand which areas need improvement and where things are already going well. Check your account against up-to-date best practices, see where things measure up. Keep track of the bigger picture of account performance.

Scorecard Snapshot
  • 89
    Overall Score
  • 56
    Search Term Coverage
  • 34
    Quality Score
  • 98
    Projected Spend
  • 92
  • 64
    Budget Limited Campaigns
  • 96
    Match Type Breakdown
  • 94
    Conversion Tracking
    Conversion tracking is active. Enough conversions have been collected to give us meaningful data.
  • 90
  • 62
    Projected Spend
    You are on track for a significant overspend which is primarily due to budget-limited campaigns.
  • 66
  • 46
    Quality Score
    Your Quality Scores have room for improvement. Low Quality Scores usually mean a higher CPC.
  • 0

Get recommendations to improve any issues that might come up.

Scorecard includes recommendations on how to improve performance when a particular area is underperforming. Share with clients to show them which areas need some extra attention.

Ad Extension Coverage
Score History

Your Ad Extension Coverage score is low, this means that a high percentage of your Ads do not have extensions applied. Expect to see a number of Apply Ad Extensions improvements in your inbox over the coming weeks. This should improve extension coverage.

  • Add Callout Extensions
    Spotify (Brand)
  • Add Sitelink Extensions
    Spotify (Brand)
  • Add Structured Snippets
    Spotify (Brand)

Create beautiful PDF exports that impress clients and colleagues.

Create a beautiful PDF worth taking to your next meeting. Impress key stakeholders and guide discussion in a positive, productive way. Help build trust and guide expectations.

Download a sample:

Get an Opteo scorecard with example scores and section-by-section breakdowns. See how Scorecard fits with your Google Ads workflow.

Download Sample Scorecard

Sharing Google Ads reports with our team has never been easier. Opteo’s templates are well designed and allow us to create beautiful reports on the fly. Our data flows straight in.

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