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Split test ad creative to incrementally improve performance, pause underperforming ads when the data makes sense, write new text ads with our user-friendly ad writing tool. Ensure your ad creative stays fresh, relevant and profitable.

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Write New Ads

Opteo makes sure you're always writing and testing new ads. Accurately preview creative, see what strategies competitors are using, copy existing ads at the click of a button. Best of all, push live to Google Ads in a matter of seconds.

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Ad ·
Deliveroo | Food Delivery | From Your Local Restaurants
The best local restaurants and takeaways are here to deliver. Choose the food you fancy and track the order to your door. Pickup Available. Contact-free delivery. Delicious food, delivered.
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Pause Losing Ads

Opteo continuously tests your ads to see which versions are performing best. When enough data has been collected to make a decision with statistical confidence, Opteo will ask you to pause and replace the underperforming ad.

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Winning Ad
Ad ·
Etsy Official Site | Shop for handmade, vintage, and unique items.
Buy Directly From Someone Who Put Their Heart And Soul Into Making Something Special. Discover Things You'll Love. Support Independent Sellers. Only On Etsy.
CTR 15.67%
CPI 2.06‰
Clicks 1,925
Average Position 1.1
Losing Ad
Ad ·
Etsy Official Site | Find whatever you're into, whoever you are.
Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and much more. Discover items you'll love forever. Support independent sellers. Only on Etsy.
CTR 13.72%
CPI 1.61‰
Clicks 1,638
Average Position 1.2
Winning Ad
Losing Ad
Cost $3,244.82 $3,938.65
Conversions 253 192
Cost Per Conversion $12.82 $20.51
Conversion Rate 13.14% 11.72%
Impressions 12,284 11,938
Conv. Per Impression 2.06‰ 1.61‰
Profit Per Impression $0.0136 $0.0012
Clicks 1,925 1,638
Click Through Rate 15.67% 13.72%
Cost Per Click $1.69 $2.40
Average Position 1.1 1.2

Apply Ad Extensions

When a campaign is missing ad extensions or structured snippets, Opteo will prompt you to add them where necessary. Make the most out of your ad space, boost performance, get your customers where they need to go.

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Callout Previews
Ad · /get-started | Official Website | Secure File Sharing & Storage
Dropbox. The Secure File Sharing Solution Trusted By More Than 500 Million Users. Start Free! Join Today For Free. Iterate In Real Time. Comment With Style. Share Instantly.
50GB Free Storage Easy Sharing Sync Any Device Dropbox Paper

Opteo is invaluable for daily ad tasks, staying on track and boosting performance. Each of the improvements includes a supporting rationale that helps us justify the change to managers.

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