Smart suggestions based on your Google Ads performance data.

Many Improvements can be pushed to Google Ads with a single click, others are designed to help with more complex tasks. Scroll down to learn more about Improvements and the range of Improvement types included with Opteo.

Opteo app screenshot with a list of improvements protruding out the screen.

Pushing Improvements to Google Ads is easy:


01 Select an Improvement

Head to the Improvements tab and select an Improvement from the list. Improvements are sorted by priority and statistical confidence.


02 Review and approve changes

Review and approve the recommended changes. See the reasoning and statistics behind each of Opteo's recommendations.


03 Push live to Google Ads

After making any necessary adjustments, click the green button to confirm and push your changes live to Google Ads. Simple.

Opteo eliminates many of the daily and weekly challenges faced when managing multiple clients and campaigns. Instant optimisations make planning more efficient and effective.

Byron Tassoni-Resch

Byron Tassoni-Resch

SEM Manager at Deliveroo
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