About Opteo

Opteo helps people make smarter Google Ads decisions. Our mission is simple, help all kinds of businesses do more with Google Ads, and make day-to-day work better for account managers.

Illustration of the Opteo office and it's team members. Illustration of an Opteo book shelf in the office. Illustration of an Opteo book shelf in the office.

Made by PPC people.

We made Opteo because we needed a way to manage all of our Google Ads accounts in one place. None of the available solutions worked for us, so we decided to make one that would. A few years down the line, we're more committed than ever to helping the Google Ads community grow and thrive.

A new way to manage Google Ads.

Forget tireless Excel analysis, poring over manual changes and creating unreadable reports. We're building towards a future where nurturing client relationships and engaging your creative side will make the difference between just another campaign and a world-beating one.

Helping businesses do more.

At the heart of it all, Opteo was built to help businesses grow with Google Ads. Opteo helps businesses of all sizes — from new startups to public companies — get more from their Google Ads accounts.

Focused on helping our customers.

Everything we do is focused on providing value for our customers. Whether developing new features or helping new users learn the ropes, we believe the best marketing strategy is a product people love to use, and customer service that treats people like people.

An ethical approach.

Opteo encourages an ethical, human approach to digital marketing and makes products that consider people who view and engage with advertising online (almost all of us). We care about making digital advertising fairer and less intrusive, whilst helping businesses connect people with the products they're looking for.


A fair price to help everyone, from agencies to freelancers.

Our basic plan gives you access to all of our features — starting at just $99 per month.


Helping people with Google Ads in more than 75 countries.

Tools, insights, and inspiration backed by a ton of data from accounts around the world.


Improvements pushed live to Google Ads through our app.

Opteo users push 50,000 improvements live to their Google Ads accounts each week.

Work at Opteo

We're always looking for talented people to join our team. Whether you're relocating to London, or looking to try something new, we can make any situation work for the right person.

We're actively searching for candidates with experience in data science, machine learning, engineering, full-stack development, sales, digital marketing, and product design.

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