Slack Integration

Connect Opteo to Slack, get performance updates, budget alerts, and new improvements sent to a channel of your choosing. Make sure everyone in your team can stay in the loop.

Slack app screenshot with Opteo alert notifcations being streamed into a channel.
Christine Ng 15:44

Just noticed that spend stopped in Canny @Louis do you know what happened?

Louis Carlsen 11:26

Some billing/card issues on their end I think. Should be fixed in a few minutes!

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Get alerts and new improvements sent to your favourite channel.

Connect your account to Slack to get alerts and new improvements sent to a dedicated channel. Setup takes less than two minutes. Learn more about connecting Opteo to Slack here.

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Opteo App 14:32

Deliveroo (UK)’s scheduled monthly report for November 1st →November 30th is ready.

Deliveroo report
Opteo logo in Slack Message
Opteo App 15:54

Xero is over budget for the month of January.

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Make sure everyone on your team can see and discuss changes.

Slack is where teams get work done. Create threads, add comments, discuss improvements, keep everyone in your team on the same page.

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Opteo App 10:47

Pause Underperforming Ad in Etsy

Etsy (Brand)
Ad Group
Direct Searchers
CPI Improvement
Etsy Losing Ad
Emma Marchbank 11:21

Conversions are looking pretty good @Thomas should we think about pausing this one?

Thomas Chen 11:26

Sounds good. We have some new copy to test too. Will send it over in the next few mins!

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Push improvements from your Slack inbox straight to Google Ads.

Many Improvements can be pushed live to Google Ads from Slack. Save time and push changes from the comfort of your inbox.

Coming Soon
Opteo logo in Slack Message
Opteo App 14:32

Increase Device Bid 18% in

New Bid
Segment CPA
Campaign CPA
Etsy Losing Ad
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Set up channels to get account-specific alerts that matter to you.

When you're working with lots of accounts, notifications can become too much to keep up with. Set up channels to keep things organised, only subscribe to alerts that matter to you.

Coming Soon

We love that Opteo updates in real-time and notifications land directly in our Slack channel. This ensures our team is always in the loop and flags notable account changes as they happen.

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