Pause Losing Ad

In the ad group Direct Searchers, the winning ad is performing 40% better than the losing ad (using CPI as the primary performance metric). Click Pause Losing Ad to pause the losing ad and channel spend into a more successful alternative. If this ad group needs a replacement, Opteo will automatically create a Write New Ad task.

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Ad Comparison

Winning Ad
Ad ·
Etsy Official Site | Shop for handmade, vintage, and unique items.
Buy Directly From Someone Who Put Their Heart And Soul Into Making Something Special. Discover Things You'll Love. Support Independent Sellers. Only On Etsy.
CTR 15.67%
CPI 2.06‰
Clicks 1,925
Average Position 1.1
Losing Ad
Ad ·
Etsy Official Site | Find whatever you're into, whoever you are.
Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and much more. Discover items you'll love forever. Support independent sellers. Only on Etsy.
CTR 13.72%
CPI 1.61‰
Clicks 1,638
Average Position 1.2

Comparison Table

Winning Ad
Losing Ad
Cost $3,244.82 $3,938.65
Conversions 253 192
Cost Per Conversion $12.82 $20.51
Conversion Rate 13.14% 11.72%
Impressions 12,284 11,938
Conv. Per Impression 2.06‰ 1.61‰
Profit Per Impression $0.0136 $0.0012
Clicks 1,925 1,638
Click Through Rate 15.67% 13.72%
Cost Per Click $1.69 $2.40
Average Position 1.1 1.2

Improvement Statistics


CPI Improvement

The winning ad is performing 24.52% better than the losing ad.



Opteo's algorithm is 100% certain that this difference is statistically significant.


Days Counted

Clicks were only counted from days where both ads were running at the same time. This helps to reduce the effects of weekday variance and seasonality.

This improvement was last updated 3 days ago, using data from the last 120 days.