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Last updated November 2nd 2023

Finding high-quality information about Google Ads online can be a challenge. While there is a plethora of information available, quality or impartiality is often lacking. It can be time consuming to sift through all the available information to find reliable and trustworthy sources.

Below we have curated a selection of Google Ads content from leaders in the field - these are sources we trust and respect. In our selection we have emphasised sources with advanced Google Ads tips which goes beyond common knowledge, presented in ways which are easy to follow and well-explained.

Places to Learn and keep Up-to-date

Solutions 8

Overall, great advice from people who work with Google Ads day in and day out. The approach is broad, and there are many good details on what goes on behind the scenes of Google Ads.

YouTube channel



PPC Mastery

Well-crafted advice from experienced marketers, with an active online community.




Store Growers

Great documentation on Google Ads, especially for e-commerce



Founded by Andrew Lolk with special focus on e-commerce

YouTube channel


PPC News

Newsletter covering everything moving and changing in the PPC industry.


Paid Media Pros

Good over the shoulder explanations of everything Google Ads.

YouTube channel

Optimize Smart

Excellent Google Ads source with speciality in Google Analytics.


People to follow on LinkedIn

Guillaume Devinat CEO and co-founder of Opteo

Miles McNairCo-founder of PPC Mastery

John MoranCo-founder of Solutions8

Mike RhodesFounder and CEO of WebSavvy


Guillaume DevinatGuillaume Devinat
Nya StormNya Storm
Emma DahlmannEmma Dahlmann
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