Last updated August 22nd 2023

Glossary is an impartial, one-stop resource for everything you need to know about Google Ads. We have created this in the form of a lookup tool, use the search function to locate the concepts you want to learn more about.

The content is roughly organised according to the Google Ads UI. If you for example want to learn about “location targeting” you will find it under the the “campaign settings” section, same place as you would find it in Google Ads.

We cover core concepts in Google Ads, and provide information for users with all knowledge levels, from beginner to advanced. The Glossary describes concepts thoroughly and illustrate them through examples, use cases and best practices.

This way we go beyond describing the different concepts, and show how they relate to each other, and what you should and shouldn’t do with them.

Transparency is central to this Glossary. It is curated based on sources we trust (and list), and includes information not disclosed in the official Google Ads documentation. We back up our content with data benchmarks from hundreds of thousands of accounts.

How was your experience engaging with the Glossary? We’d love to hear your feedback, click the help bubble below to chat with us.


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