Little Known AdWords Support Gems. Use them.

The very large majority of Google's revenues comes from AdWords. You'd think they'd have pretty good support for their advertisers, right?

They do. They have excellent support.

I see so few advertisers actually interact with Google support.

AdWords support isn't just for when you have a problem with the platform, or your billing is acting up.

AdWords truly do have knowledgeable reps ready to help you brainstorm strategies and give you a fresh pair of eyes on an account.

Here's a few of my favorite Google Support inventions:

Google Hangouts

My favorite is to get on a Google Hangout with an AdWords rep. I now use this for 90% of my interactions with AdWords support.

If you've never tried this, try it. If you don't need any particular help, just pick an account, get on a hangout and ask the rep what he/she would do to move the account forward. It's worth getting over the initial resistance. Once you've done it once, it gets much easier and problems become much less intimidating. From then on, if you can't figure something out, just jump on a hangout and ask.

The Tag Implementation Team.

We all know that conversion tracking is the foundation to any AdWords account. Google have a dedicated team that can implement tracking for you.

Just ask any Google rep and they'll set you up with an appointment.

You'd be crazy to run AdWords without conversion data. There's no valid excuse not to have good conversion tracking in place. If you can't get it done, get Google to do it for you.