What's the problem with modified broad negatives? 

Modified broad keywords are the backbone of many accounts. You might be tempted to use them in your negative keyword lists too but beware! AdWords doesn't support modified broad negatives.

When you use a + sign in front of a negative keyword (with no space, just like modified broad), AdWords may not react in the way you expect.

Remember, there are only three negative keyword match types: 

  • Negative exact: Will block queries when the query exactly matches the negative keyword, including the specified word order.
  • Negative phrase: Just like negative exact, but will also block queries with other words before, after or inside the query.
  • Negative broad: Will block any queries that include all of the words in the negative, no matter the order or whether other words are included in the query. In effect, this is the way you might expect modified broad to behave.

Negative keyword targeting doesn’t include close variants – you need to add plurals and any common misspellings to block that traffic.

"+" has no place in your keyword negatives. It's misleading to account managers and we've even heard of AdWords doing unexpected things with +plussed +negatives. Best to keep it clean!

How does this improvement work?

You'll see this improvement task if we find plussed keywords in your negative keyword lists.

We'll show you all of the plussed negative keywords found in your account. Completing this improvement will remove all + signs from your negative keywords, converting them to negative broad keywords.

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