We wanted to make the path to completing our suggested improvements as smooth as possible, and we hope the Improvement Queue will help! 

Push multiple improvements to Google Ads by selecting the tasks you’d like to push using the (+) button next to the improvement name. You can use the Select All button to tick all available improvements under the sorted headings. 

You can open and close the Improvement Queue using the < button on the right-hand side of your screen. Push all the improvements in your Queue by hitting the Push Improvement(s) button, or clear them by clicking Clear Queue

The Queue is currently limited to pushing 20 improvement tasks at a time. You can queue improvements from multiple different clients simply by navigating between them and selecting the tasks you'd like to push. Your Queue will not clear if you navigate to a different client. 

Some improvements aren’t suitable for the Improvement Queue — any improvement that requires extra information from you can’t be added to the Queue. For example, Fix Keyword Conflicts asks you to choose between pausing a keyword or removing the conflicting negative. To push a Write a New Ad improvement, new ad text needs to be written in Opteo's Ad Writer. These kind of improvements are in the minority, though, and you will be able to queue and push over three-quarters of our improvement types. 

Use these keyboard shortcuts to manage your Queue even faster: q shows/hides the Queue window, while esc clears the Queue for the selected account. To tick multiple improvements, shift+click selects all improvements between the current selection and previous selection. 

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