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What's demographic targeting?

You can add demographic targeting to your ad groups in Search, Display or Video campaigns.

Here's Google's take on the matter:

"With demographic targeting, you can reach customers who are likely to be within the demographic groups that you choose. For example, if your business caters to a specific set of customers within a particular group, you can show your ads to customers according to their gender, age group, or parental status."

How will adjusting my bids by demographic segment help?

Demographic bid modifiers allow you to bid different amounts for different demographics. For example, if your business sells beauty products, you may want to bid more on clicks from female searchers. Or if you're advertising car seats and buggies, you'll probably want to bump up your bids to parents.

Usually, though, things aren't quite so clear-cut. It may not be obvious how your landing pages, ad copy, and offers are appealing to various demographic segments.

It's worth looking at the data and working from there. Check which segments are performing better, and adjust your bid modifiers to match the performance difference.

Good news! We've already sliced up that data for you in our Segments tab. Learn about segments here.

How does this improvement work?

Opteo will continuously monitor your Display and Search segment performance, looking for optimisation opportunities. When we find campaign segments with significant CPA differences, we'll prompt you to adjust a demographic bid.

We'll show you a chart comparing segments inside a campaign. You'll be able to see if a particular segment is underperforming compared to your CPA target.

We'll recommend an optimal bid adjustment — all you have to do is approve it, or Adjust it to your liking.

Note: You may see a recommendation to reduce bids on a particular segment, even though there are other segments in the same campaign with a higher CPA. This improvement is not concerned with bringing segment CPA in line with your target. Instead, the aim is to bring overall campaign CPA in line with the campaign group average/target. We'll recommend adjustments to the segment that will bring the most impactful change to overall campaign CPA.

Technical notes:

  • To avoid going over budget, we'll tend to recommend negative bid modifiers rather than positive bid modifiers.

  • Opteo's recommended bid modifiers will always be capped at +/-30%. You're welcome to Adjust them outside of this range.

  • After you complete this improvement, we won't prompt you to adjust this segment in this campaign for 60 days. Data needs to re-accumulate after you adjust your bids.

  • We'll only prompt you to adjust bids for a segment if it has accumulated a minimum number of clicks and conversions to ensure statistical significance.

  • Our suggestions range from -30% to +30%. If you've already got bid adjustments applied, we won't overwrite them — they'll be merged via multiplication. It's useful to know that internally, AdWords saves bid adjustments as decimal multipliers (e.g. +12% as 1.12,  -40% as 0.6). So, applying an adjustment of +20% (1.2) to an existing +30% (1.3) will yield a final bid increase of 56% (1.2 * 1.3 = 1.56).

  • To qualify for a demographic bid adjustment, a campaign must have been active for at least 30 days with more than 10 impressions and 4 conversions.

  • For each segment, we'll base our recommendation on the last 60 days worth of data.

  • We'll only generate these recommendations to search and display campaigns bidding by manual CPC - eCPC and other automated bidding strategies are not supported.

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