Sitelink extensions add extra links below your text ads. Extra links dramatically increase the space your ad takes up and give searchers more opportunities to interact with your ad copy. Typically, sitelinks direct to different product categories, most frequented or well-converting pages. 

You can enter up to twelve different sitelinks. Google will select two to six of those based on the relevance of the search query.

You can include up to 25 characters in your sitelink descriptions, but Google recommends 18 - 20 characters for desktop links and 12 - 15 for mobile. Longer descriptions may be cut short on the search page.

Sitelink extensions are free you pay the same cost-per-click as you would for your standard advert.

Google will render your sitelinks in three ways:

  • As a one-line link.

  • As a three-line "mini result".

  • Not at all.

Unfortunately, you have no control over this. Google decides which version is most appropriate for each impression. 

A study by Google suggests that sitelinks can increase CTR by 20 - 25% on unbranded terms and up to 50% on branded terms. How? Sitelinks allow you to:

  • Dramatically increase the space that your ad takes up on the search results page. Bigger is better! 

  • Direct people to the most relevant pages of your website, also reducing bounce rate.

  • Highlight specific benefits and features, like callout extensions but with more characters. 

Not only will better CTR unlock more click volume, but it will help increase Quality Scores and let you pay less per click.

How does this improvement work?

You'll see this improvement if we find some of your ads don't contain sitelinks. 

To help you write your sitelinks, we'll scan your website for your most important pages and offer example headings. After clicking Enter Sitelink Extensions, you can write and push sitelinks straight from Opteo.

We set sitelinks at the account level so that all new campaigns or ad groups benefit by default. Account level sitelinks ensure perfect coverage of your search campaigns.

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