When we add new products to our product feed, Google Merchant Centre often falls out of sync. By default products are added to an ‘Everything else’ product group which makes it difficult to view and optimise performance by particular attributes.

For example, a shoe retailer might sub-divide their product feed based on brand. This means they can easily see each brand’s performance and apply bid adjustments accordingly. Nike may have better profit margins than Reebok, for instance, and thus we may decide to bid more for Nike products.

However, if all new products are simply added to an ‘everything else’ group we can no longer accurately see how a particular brand is performing, and any brand bid adjustments we have in place will not be applied to products in the ‘Everything else’ group.

How does this Improvement work?

The Resync Product Groups improvement ensures your product ads are synced with Google Merchant Center. If you add new products and your ads fall out of sync, Opteo will create this improvement to fix your 'misplaced' groups:

In the example below, we can see that there are 28 products in the ''Everything else in Footwear'' group, which can be broken out into five new brands (Adidas, Vans, Asics, Converse, and New Balance).

Clicking Resync Product Groups tells Google Ads to recategorise the products in the ‘Everything else’ category according to the subdivisions in your product feed (for example brand, category, product type). This keeps everything nice and clean and means you can view performance more clearly.

Note: Opteo does not modify any bids as part of this improvement. Once your product feed and Merchant Centre are in sync, Opteo can analyse performance and may suggest an Adjust Product Group Bid improvement at a later date.

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