How does this improvement work?

This Improvement analyses the Product Groups in your Shopping campaigns and suggests bid adjustments designed to align their performance with your goals.

First, you’ll need to input your bidding strategy and targets in Shopping Campaign Settings. Entering a target ROAS into Opteo allows our algorithm to suggest the optimal bid adjustment for your Product Group.

You'll usually want to adjust a Product Group bid based on its performance relative to your target.

  • If a Product Group is performing better than your target, you should raise its bid to increase volume and the likelihood of conversions.

  • If a Product Group performs worse than your target, you should decrease its bid to reduce its cost and volume.

In the example below, we can see that the ROAS for the ‘Office & Desk Chairs’ Product Group is 673%, and our target (that we set inside Opteo’s Shopping Conversion Settings) is 230%. So, in this case, we are well above target, and Opteo recommends increasing the bid by 30%, from £1.30 to £1.69.

In order to calculate the optimal bid adjustment, Opteo uses our Bid Factory algorithm to simulate performance at different bids and calculate the optimal bid adjustment to maximise the Product Group’s performance.

To help you decide if you’d like to implement the recommendation, Opteo shows you the Product Group’s search impression share and absolute top impression share. This is important because if a search impression share is already high, you may decide not to increase a bid. Whereas, if search impression share is really low, you likely won’t want to decrease bids.

Once you've reviewed this data, if you agree, you can apply the Improvement in one click to Google Ads. If not, you can edit the bid modifier by clicking Adjust or dismiss the Improvement entirely.

Technical Notes:

  • Opteo uses the last 30 days worth of data for this improvement.

  • If the search impression share is above 85%, we won’t suggest increasing bids

  • All bid adjustments are capped at +/-30%

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