You can automatically schedule reports in the Report settings. For new reports, you'll be taken straight to the settings page when you click 'Create Report'. For old reports, open it up and hit the 'Edit Settings' button at the bottom.

Scheduling and generating your report

Reports will be generated on the third day of each month, to account for conversion lag. You can learn more about conversion lag here.  

You can choose to schedule your report either monthly or bi-monthly.

When generating the report, we use the settings defined in your most recently created report. This includes your sender and recipient profiles, report title, theme and slide template.

How do I know my report is ready?

Opteo will send you an alert via email or Slack whenever a new report is generated. To set up Slack alerts, check out this help doc.

Note: Opteo will never send a report out automatically. You will need to review the report before downloading as a PDF and sending it manually.

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