Along with performance updates and budget alerts, improvement tasks can now be delivered to your favourite #channel in real-time. That way, you can stay up to date with your clients' accounts, even when you're not signed in to Opteo.

Connect Slack to Opteo 

If you haven't already connected Slack, go into Opteo and click on your icon in the bottom left of your screen. Hit Account Settings and look for the Add to Slack button.

Then, simply sign into your Slack workspace and choose the #channel you'd like Opteo to post alerts in. Your whole team will be able to see Opteo's alerts.

Mute Alerts

You can choose to mute alerts for specific clients or turn off alerts altogether from inside Slack:

You can also mute client alerts from inside Client Settings. When you've selected a client, click the Settings button in the top right corner. Here, you'll find the Alert Settings for that client: 

You can choose whether to mute email or Slack alerts for this client. Remember, muting Slack alerts is a group-level setting – ticking this box will mute Slack alerts for your whole team.  

Disconnect Slack from Opteo 

If you'd like to stop receiving alerts via Slack altogether, just hit Remove for Slack, under Alert Settings in Account Settings. Remember, removing Slack alerts is a group-level setting – clicking this button will disconnect Slack for your whole team.  

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