Once you have entered your Report Settings, Opteo will create a draft report for you. In the Reports Editor, you'll be able to remove and add slides, add your own commentary, and get Advice and Insights to help you explain performance to your clients.

You can also update any of your Report Settings by hitting 'Back' at any time. However, this will remove any of the edits you've already made in the Editing page.

Using Advice and Insights

To the left of each draft slide, you'll see a panel with two tabs: 'Advice' and 'Insights.'

  • Insights are unique to each report. They use your Google Ads data to surface information that clients and managers might find interesting. Use them to supplement your own research and explain the why behind account performance.

  • Advice contains tips based on dozens of customer interviews conducted by our research team. These tips will help you to write useful, clear and engaging reports that clients and managers want to read.

As an example, if your Cost Per Conversion is above target, the Insights panel may show you the most expensive segments in the account to help you explain where you might focus efforts to reduce waste. 

You can either copy and paste these Insights directly into the text box on the report slide or use them as inspiration for your own notes.

Editing Report Slides

Each report slide has a text box for you to add commentary to the data visualisations. Opteo will pre-populate this information for you, but we recommend adding your own notes to personalise the report for your recipient. 

Simply click into the text box to add these notes. There are additional formatting buttons at the top of the text editor, as well as a 'Revert To Original Text' option.

Adding and Removing Report Slides

Opteo bases your draft report on the Report Template you chose in your Report Settings. You can change this anytime by hitting 'Back', choosing a different template, and clicking 'Update Report'. 

It's important to note here that updating your report settings will remove any edits you have already made to your report. 

To add slides without overriding your edits, scroll to the bottom of your report and open the 'Hidden Slides' panel. Find the slides you wish to add to the report and click the 'Reactivate Slide' icon. 

To remove slides, click the 'Remove Slide' button in the top right of the slide. 

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