When you create a new Google Ads report in Opteo, you'll be asked to choose a Report Template to work from. Depending on your chosen template, Opteo will generate a different set of report slides for you to review and edit. 

Here is an outline of the different templates and the slides that are included in each:


This is the most concise template, with 13 slides in total. Use this template if your clients prefer quick, top-level updates on performance. Overview includes:

  • Cover: with your recipient name, contact information and the report title.

  • Summary: the main KPIs for the reporting period (spend, conversions, cost per conversion, clicks, cost per click, and impressions)

  • Performance Summaries: the same metrics above, displayed as a line graph (6 slides in total)

  • Targets: bar charts to show how close to target spend and CPA is for this reporting period, compared to the previous 6 periods (2 slides in total). Opteo will only generate these slides if you enter targets in the recipient profile.

  • Conclusion: a place for you to explain any next steps and wrap everything up. Opteo pre-populates your concluding slide with your contact information so the recipient can easily get in touch should they have any questions. 


17 slides in total. Detailed includes everything in the 'Overview' template as well as:

  • Top Performers: shows your top-performing ads, non-brand keywords, and segments (ordered by conversion rate).

  • Work Summary: a list of all the tasks you've completed this reporting period. Opteo pre-populates this based on the Improvements you (or anyone in your team) have pushed, but you can edit the slide to remove tasks or add your own. 


The most in-depth template with 25 slides includes everything in 'Detailed' and adds a set of up to 8 slides called 'Featured Changes'. 

These slides show examples of ad tests, new ad creative, and bid adjustments (keyword, age, gender, location, parental status, or ad schedule). Recipients often value these slides as they are tangible and relatable evidence of your work. 

To generate Featured Changes, Opteo checks the Improvements that you (or anyone in your team) have pushed in the account over the reporting period and chooses the highest priority tasks. 

Create Your Own

You can also create and save a new custom template to be used in future reports. Click 'Create Your Own' to see a check-box list of slides for you to choose from. 

Hidden Slides

At the end of your report, you may see a section of hidden slides. These are slides that Opteo cannot generate because:

  • They aren't included in your chosen Report Template. In which case you can click to activate them.

  • There isn't enough data to produce them. For example, if you didn't connect Google Analytics, or if there are no completed Improvements in that reporting period.

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