How do these improvements work?

These improvements will appear for campaigns that are spending a significant portion of your budget and would benefit from specific, campaign-level ad extensions.

If you have ad extensions at the account level but none at the campaign level, you'll be invited to customise those account-level extensions. Account-level extensions will not be overwritten — you’ll just be adding a new set of extensions at the campaign level. 

If you do have extensions at the campaign level but there are fewer than four, you'll be invited to enter more extensions. For structured snippets, it’s fewer than three. 

This improvement will let you create, edit and push new extensions live, right from Opteo. You'll also see examples of other similar extensions for inspiration.

Why should I customise extensions at the campaign level?

Refining your ads to target your audience as closely as possible is crucial for great Google Ads results. If you’re spending a large portion of your budget through a campaign, it makes sense to hone that campaign’s ads as much as possible.

Using campaign-specific ad extensions could make your ads better in many ways: perhaps adding location-specific information to the area targeted by that campaign, or something to appeal to a targeted demographic. 

For example, a flower delivery service may have a callout drawing attention to their ‘Next Day Delivery’ at the account level. For their campaign targeting the UK, they may see higher click-through by changing this callout to ‘Next Day UK Delivery’. Similarly, if the flower delivery service was running a Mother’s Day campaign, it might be useful to include a sitelink to their ‘Flowers for Mum’ page.

Customisation leads to more tightly-themed ad groups and campaigns, which should lead to better performance.

Technical notes:

  • Opteo won't show this improvement for call extensions, as it's usually desirable to use the same phone number extension across all accounts.

  • This improvement can only exist if the account has extensions applied at the account-level.

  • We’ll flag this improvement for the campaigns spending the most. We rank all your campaigns by their spend and show this improvement for the top-ranked campaigns using up to 30% of your total search spend. 

  • You won't be able to push this improvement unless you make at least one edit to the extension text. Otherwise, you'd just be adding new extensions with the same text as before, making way for a messy account!

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