How does this improvement work?

Completing this improvement will refine your location targeting, so your ads only show to those physically present in your targeted location. All campaigns affected are listed within the improvement task. 

This improvement will appear for campaigns using the default setting: showing ads to ‘people in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations’. Opteo will analyse each campaign, comparing the CPA of those present in your targeted location to the CPA those interested in the location.

When the CPA of searchers merely interested in your location is significantly higher than the CPA of searchers physically present in your location, Opteo recognises that your ads may not be so relevant to those who are only interested. Taking into account other factors (like your target CPA), we'll suggest you stop your ads from showing to those searchers only interested in your target location.

Why are searchers outside my target locations seeing my ads? 

Just like Exclude Site Categories, this improvement stems from an overlooked default setting, hidden deep inside the AdWords interface.

For each campaign, there are actually three ways to qualify your location targeting: 

  • People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations

  • People in your targeted locations

  • People searching for your targeted locations

By default, Google will show your ads to option one: people in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations. For example, if you were a local Las Vegas business targeting the city with your ads, by default your ads would actually be triggered by people all over the world who ‘show interest’ in Las Vegas. 

‘Show interest’ could mean reading an online news article about Las Vegas, checking out web pages of other businesses based in Las Vegas, being previously present in Last Vegas, or even just searching Vegas-related terms. Sometimes this setting is a useful driver of business — if you’re in the travel and tourism industry, for example. But sometimes, it’s a waste of spend and could be pushing up your CPA for very few (if any) extra conversions. 

If you want to check out the setting yourself, you can find it by selecting a campaign and navigating to Settings >  Location > Location Options

Technical Notes: 

  • If you’re happy with the CPA of searchers interested in your location, consider adjusting the campaign group’s CPA in Opteo. Click the Manage tab, then Campaign Groups

  • We'll calculate how much you're expected to save over the next month, expected reduction in CPA, and the number of conversions you may lose (if any). 

  • Opteo uses data from the past 90 days to inform this improvement. 

  • If you're happy with the CPA or spend of those searchers interested in your target location, feel free to Dismiss this improvement or consider adjusting your target in Manage > Campaign Groups

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