Note: This is the sister improvement task to "Lift campaign budget cap". Both tasks are concerned with budget caps, but this task only shows when you campaign is performing poorly compared to your target CPA.

Why Optimize Campaign Bids?

We suggest optimizing campaign bids when budget-limited campaigns perform inefficiently. Instead of hitting your daily campaign budget limit, you should optimize your campaign so that the your clicks are cheaper. 

We recommend you lower your bids to lower your average CPCs. You will get more clicks for the same budget. This dynamic can feel a bit counter-intuitive, so here's a (rather old school) video that might help:

To help you decide whether you'd like to push or dismiss the improvement, we show you the average CPC, the number of clicks, as well as the cost for the last 30 days compared to a preview of what we'd expect would happen if you decide to reduce your bids.

Technical notes: see "Lift Budget Cap", which uses the same ruleset.

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