New Account Setting: Connected Accounts

Connected Accounts shows you all of the AdWords accounts you have connected to Opteo. Making changes to this list is now much simpler.

  • Connect and disconnect accounts individually or in bulk.
  • Sort by AdWords spend, last login date and connected team members.
  • Check which team members have access to which Adwords accounts.
  • Click on the avatars to add or remove team members from each AdWords account (admins only).

Interface Redesign

Opteo has a new look! We've updated the interface to make it easier to find and use the information you need.

  • Each client now has their own menu bar at the top of the screen for Improvements, Performance, Manage and Notes.

  • The Performance tab now includes Scorecard & Segments so you can see a full overview of your client’s account performance, all in one place.

  • We've also made a couple of tweaks to the graphs in the Performance section: each graph now includes an at-a-glance data summary.

  • Finally, campaign groups can now be found under the Manage tab so you can categorise your campaigns in context.

New Manage Filter: Show Enabled Only

A common request in Manage has been to filter out paused and deleted entities (campaigns, adgroups, keywords, creative etc) to only look at enabled entities.

You'll now find a new section in the "Options" sidebar of Manage called "Filter Rows by Status" where you can either show all entities or just enabled ones.

"Show all" is useful when you want to understand how the account performed in a given time range in the past. Questions like "How much budget have we spent this month?", "How many conversions did we get last week?" are easily answered using the "Show all" mode.

"Show enabled only" will de-clutter the table and help you focus your attention on entities that are actively spending budget and impacting your account performance right now.

Note that the "show enabled only" mode recalculates all of your stats from the keyword level, bubbling up. In this mode, a paused keyword won't contribute to the cost of its parent adgroup and campaign.

This means that this mode is also helpful to estimate results moving forward. For example, if you just paused a bunch of poorly performing keywords, "show enabled only" can be a quick hack to simulate roughly how the account would have performed without those keywords.

New Website: Live Today! just got a brand new look ✨ ✨

Updates include:

  • Responsive design so the site works better on mobile
  • Sections for our Slack Integration & Scorecard feature
  • New illustrations (with more to come!)

We hope you like it!

New Task: Fix Blocked Keywords

As AdWords accounts age and accumulate keywords, it's easy for mistakes to slip in. Occasionally, negative keywords accidentally block all of the search terms of certain keywords -- this creates "dead keywords" that don't get any impressions and crowd up your account.

This improvement will scan AdWords for any keywords that are completely blocked by a negative, and will give you the opportunity to either remove the offending negative (if it was added by mistake) or to pause the blocked keywords (if the negative is warranted and the keywords are no longer relevant).

That way, you'll either unblock the traffic or clean up your account. Regardless, you'll be left with a tighter account structure, which is always a win!

Improvement Tasks, now in Slack!

If you use Slack as much as we do, you'll be happy to hear that we've greatly improved our Slack integration!

Improvement tasks can now be delivered to your favourite #channel in real-time. That way, you can stay up to date with your clients even when you're not signed in to Opteo.

If you haven't already connected Slack, look for the "Add to Slack" button on the account settings page:

New Task: Negative List Sync

Have you ever added a new campaign to an AdWords account, only to have it overspend because you forgot to add it to your negative lists? We have.

This new improvement checks for campaigns that aren't connected to any negative lists. If we find a suspiciously disconnected campaign, we'll help you connect it to the appropriate negative lists :)

Opteo now checks that your sitelinks work

Opteo scans your ad destination URLs to make sure that they are all working. If we find that one of them isn't loading correctly, we'll prompt you to fix it.

And now, we'll also check your sitelinks!

If any of your sitelinks have broken urls, we'll tell you about it. That's one less thing to worry about after a website reshuffle 😊

New Feature: Manage πŸš€

We've been hard at work for the past few months, and we're finally ready to release Manage -- a simple, unified table that allows you to access and modify every single Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword, and Ad in a given account.


The AdWords interface can feel heavy for much of the AdWords day-to-day. It is powerful and comprehensive, but also complicated and slow.

Manage is our answer to some of the most common frustrations of AdWords managers (including ourselves!)

  • A single, unified table: Campaigns down to keywords all in one view.
  • A fast and seamless experience: No more loading interruptions!
  • New metrics: eg. campaign and adgroup quality scores, smart calculated metrics like CPA vs. CPA Target, and more.

Learn more about why we built Manage and how it can improve your AdWords workflow in this detailed breakdown:

Better Search Term Management

One of our most popular feature requests is to have more power and flexibility when adding new keywords from search terms.

Behold, the day has come!

Here are some new things you can do:

  • Pick which words of the search term are used to build your new keyword.
  • Change the new keyword matchtype.
  • Choose the destination (Campaign/Adgroup/NegativeList) for the new keyword.

You can also add the new keyword to a new Adgroup in one click.

  • We'll copy the best ad from the source Adgroup.
  • You can even automatically split-test a DKI version.

If you choose to customise everything, here's what it will look like:

We've renamed this task "Add Keyword From Search Term" (from "Optimize Search Query") to better reflect the new functionality.

You'll also notice that Opteo now has a much better understanding of which search terms actually need your attention (both in the Scorecard and Improvements).

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