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Why isn't Opteo Picking up My Brand Campaign?
Why isn't Opteo Picking up My Brand Campaign?

Why you might see the Create Brand Campaign improvement, even if you have an active branding campaign.

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It's possible that you do have a brand campaign and Opteo can't detect it. 

We check for the account's domain name as a keyword of any match type. 

For example, for a company named Ohio Bouquets, with the domain, the software will check for the following keywords: 

  •  [ohiobouquets]

  • ""

  • +www +ohiobouquets

  • And other keyword combinations of the domain name.

Any campaigns that include any of those keywords will be flagged as brand campaigns. You can check if Opteo has flagged the correct campaign by heading to Manage > Campaign Groups. Any brand campaigns we've found will be automatically separated into their own campaign group called Branding Campaigns

If you do have a brand campaign but your keywords are different to your domain name, we won't be able to detect it. Feel free to Dismiss this improvement task. If you'd like to, you can make a Branding Campaigns campaign group manually in Manage

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