Note, subscriptions can only be cancelled by a team admin – the person with access to the Billing Centre and subscription settings.

Open Opteo, and in the bottom left, click on your icon. Choose Billing Centre. At the bottom of the Billing Centre page, you'll see a section titled Cancel Subscription

Click the red button. In the pop-up, select your reason for cancelling, add any further comments, and click Cancel Subscription. You're all done!

Billing Questions

If you have any questions around cancellation or billing, reach out to our Support Team via the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen. 

We're unable to reply to messages or emails between 5pm on Friday and 10am on Monday (GMT). Rest assured, if your billing cycle recurs before we've got your message, we'll reimburse you immediately.

Revoking API Access

To revoke Opteo's API access, visit your Google App Permissions page.

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