To edit the settings for an individual client, navigate that client in Opteo and clicking Settings in the top right corner.

Note: This GIF shows an earlier version of the app in action. New GIFs coming soon!

In Client Settings, you can modify: 

  • Active Improvement Types. Choose the improvement types you'd like to see for this client. Note, this won't affect the improvements your teammates see for the same client. 

  • Alert Settings. Mute email or Slack notifications for this client. 

  • Display Name. Change the name used for this client in Opteo – this doesn't affect anything in Google Ads. 

  • Account Budget. Set a monthly budget for the client. 

  • Timezone Settings. Choose a timezone for the client – by default, this client's search engine page previews are based on the timezone set in Google Ads. 

  • Connection Settings. Choose which email address appears in the Change History of Google Ads for this client. 

  • CPI Override. Prevent Opteo from using click-through rate to compare ad performance for Pause Ad tasks. 

  • Account Colour. Choose the colour for this account. 

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