RSA writer lets you create new Responsive Search Ads and edit any existing RSAs.

This feature is designed to help you write new RSAs much more easily. You can view key metrics from existing RSAs to monitor performance and use AI-generated assets and competitor ads to help inspire best-in-class ad copy.

You’ll find RSA Writer by choosing an account and heading to Toolkit at the top of the page.

To get started, open RSA writer to see a list of your Search campaigns, alongside their cost, conversions, and CPA over the last 90 days. Clicking into a campaign will bring up a list of ad groups, with the same key metrics.

You'll also see your AdScore — Opteo's own measure of Responsive Search Ads that shows you how well your RSAs are doing, based on the following criteria:

  • RSAs with at least one converting search term in asset collection

  • RSAs with above-average CTR

  • RSAs updated in the last 90 days

  • RSAs with at least 8 headlines

Once you've selected a campaign and ad group, you can choose to create a new RSA, open and edit any active or draft RSAs, and turn any Expanded Text Ads into a draft RSA.

You'll also see a Status drop-down which allows you to pause or enable any ads.

The Ad Strength score is pulled from Google Ads. It is Google’s measure of your ad copy's relevance, quality and diversity (based on their own criteria).

Click the three grey dots () on the right of the screen to open your RSA Statistics.

These statistics provide account-level performance data on the following:

  • Your top performing assets

  • Number of RSAs in an ad group

  • Number of headlines used in an RSA

  • Number of descriptions used in an RSA

  • Number of paths used in an RSA

  • How many assets are using pinning

Use these statistics to see what strategies are working for the account. For example, you can compare how RSAs that use full pinning perform against RSAs that use no pinning.

How to create a new RSA

Click 'Create New RSA' to open up the ad writer. You'll see a few different tools — such as competitor ads and AI generate assets — designed to inspire your ad copy. In each section, you can click on any text to copy it to your clipboard, and paste it within the ad writer on the left.

Let's break down each different area:

  1. In the first section (at the very top) there is a preview of the ad you are currently creating. Use the arrows to toggle through the different asset combinations, and use the icons to view the ad in either Desktop or Mobile format.

  2. Next, you'll see any active RSAs within the ad group. Use the arrows to scroll through the various permutations of the RSA. You can click Copy RSA to pre-fill the ad writer with your existing RSA copy.

  3. In the third section, Opteo will show you Competitor Ads to provide inspiration for your own RSA. If you come across any competitor ad copy that you'd like to use, click the text to copy it to your clipboard.

  4. We'll show you a list of AI-generated assets, based on your industry. The assets are graded to indicate the headline or description's potential to perform.

  5. The next section is Campaign Search Terms. It's best practice to use converting search terms in your ad copy, so we've listed any search terms that have more than one conversion. You can sort the list by Conversions, Impression, or CTR.

    You can easily see if a search term has been included in your ad copy in the Status column.

  6. Finally, use the Campaign Library to view your headlines and descriptions from all ad groups within a campaign. Each asset has its own Performance Score, so you can easily identify your top-performing headlines and descriptions.

    To calculate a Performance Score, we take the performance rating of the asset across each of the RSAs it appears in, and weigh this by impressions. That score is then averaged to generate an overall asset performance score.

Technical notes:

  • All data in RSA Writer is from the last 90 days

  • RSA writer is only available for Search campaigns

  • You can create a maximum number of 3 RSAs per ad group (as per Google’s limits)

  • If we're unable to set an ad live, an error message will show on the top right of the screen

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