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Sync Campaigns to Exclusion List
Sync Campaigns to Exclusion List

Helping you maintain your placement exclusions across display campaigns.

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How does this improvement work? 

Opteo has detected one or more display campaigns are not using an existing placement exclusion list. 

Clicking Sync Campaigns will apply the exclusion list to the named campaigns. As well as showing you which display campaigns will be affected by the improvement, we'll help you identify the exclusion list by listing the number and type of exclusions contained in it. 

For example, '[List Name] contains 127 exclusions: 98 sites, including,, and, as well as 29 mobile apps.'

Why Sync Campaigns to Exclusion List? 

If Opteo notices you have a placement exclusion list applied to some but not all of your display campaigns, we will assume this is an oversight and none of your ads should be showing in those excluded placements.

It's possible you had a reason for not applying the exclusion list to the named campaigns. If that's the case, feel free to Dismiss this improvement. 

Learn more about the value of excluding mobile apps here

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