How do I use Scorecard? 

Scorecard is Opteo’s account audit tool: carry out in-depth account audits in seconds and see a valuable overview of an account’s performance. Thirteen different account metrics are rated out of 100 using a variety of data from your Google Ads account, so you can quickly identify areas of maximum leverage and areas of strength. 

Find your Scorecard inside the 'Toolkit' tab.

Can I print or share my Scorecard? 

Absolutely! Use the Export Scorecard button to download the account’s Scorecard as a PDF. Share with clients or team members, highlight areas for adjustment, illustrate your progress, or take to meetings to keep everyone on the same page. 

You can customise Scorecard with a company logo — just hit Upload Image as you scroll down. We’ll add the company’s website, industry, and location too.

To choose the scores you’d like to feature on your PDF, click the menu option over at the top left of the page. Here, you can choose to Show or Hide each score from your Scorecard. (Please note that hiding scorecards will impact the overall score).

Technical Notes: 

  • The Scorecard is refreshed/updated daily.

  • Depending on the metric, Scorecard will measure performance over 7, 30, or 90 days. For example, we’ll base your Budget-Limited Campaigns score on data from the last week, but Search Terms Coverage uses data from the last 90 days to give a more accurate picture of your costs and allow for variance. More details are provided in the footer of each Scorecard metric. 

  • Not all metrics are suitable for every account — for example, if you don’t run any search campaigns, you won’t see a score for Search Term Coverage. This won’t negatively affect your Overview score. 

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