Broken links will cause lost leads.

This is pretty self-explanatory:

  • They hinder user experience -- frustrated customers usually don't come back if the landing page doesn't load.
  • They restrict the flow of link equity throughout your site, which impacts SEO rankings negatively.

How this improvement works.

If you see this improvement, it's because we've weren't able to load one of the destination URLs in your account.

We'll show you the error we encountered when checking the URL, and where in your account this URL is being used. If applicable, we'll also give you a measure of the cost going through the broken link.

To fix this problem, we recommend you fix the URL (if necessary, contact a server administrator). Otherwise, temporarily pause the sitelinks/adgroup affected by the broken link. 

If you're confident that this URL is working correctly, feel free to dismiss this task.

Technical notes:

  • Our link-checking technology isn't perfect. It's possible that a URL looks fine to our crawler, but doesn't load correctly for real users (for example, if the page content is garbled). This is fairly rare, but to keep in mind.
  • Similarly, it's possible that our crawler flags a page as broken when it actually works fine. This is usually because your webserver is blocking our crawler. If you check the page manually, and you're sure it works, the false positive can be dismissed from Opteo.
  • We only check your AdWords destination URLs, not your entire website.
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