Meet Opteo, the Adwords PPC Bid Management Tool to manage your clients.

Opteo automates Adwords account management with one-click improvements, detailed account monitoring and MCC-level alerts. Start spending more time on high-level strategy and creative work  👉  try Opteo free for 30 days.

    Streamlines your Adwords processes
    Automates repetitive tasks
    Advanced statistics & breakdowns
    Affordable flat pricing from $97/mo

    Immediately reveals inefficiencies
    Reduces wasted budget
    Smart improvements tasks
    Fast inbox style interface

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So, what is Opteo exactly?

Adwords PPC Bid Management Software for Adwords Professionals.

Opteo automates routine Adwords tasks and checks, giving account managers simple "recommended actions" to improve account performance. Connect your Adwords MCC to unlock a host of features, including Opteo's improvement engine, monitoring dashboard, MCC-level alerts, and more.

Automate Adwords in Three Simple Steps

1. Connect to Adwords

Create an account with Opteo and connect to your AdWords account with one click using Google sign-in.

2. Let Opteo Get To Work

Our Improvement Engine will scan & monitor your AdWords account to search for possible improvements.

3. Approve Improvements

Approve our AdWords recommendations in one-click, and Opteo will make the changes in AdWords for you.

Make AdWords stress-free  in 90 seconds

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Push Adwords improvements straight from your Opteo inbox.

Data-driven Improvements

Our algorithm searches for inefficiencies within an account and proposes specific improvement tasks, many of which can be implemented with a single click.

20+ Improvement Types

Pause Underperforming Ads, Adjust Keyword Bids, Optimize Seach Queries, Optimize Campaign Bids, Pause Duplicate Keywords, Fix Broken Links, and more.

Monitor & diagnose account performance issues at a glance.

Key Metrics  →  All in One Place

View all key performance metrics in one place, unlock additional metrics not available in AdWords. Never miss another important change in an account.

Account Specific Alerts

Opteo's alert system notifies you of any important changes occurring in an account. Alerts are displayed globally, so you'll always know what's going on.

Optimize Adwords without thinking twice.

Improvement tasks are generated by our ever-improving Adwords algorithm. These tasks are arranged by importance, double-checked, and displayed in the Improvement Inbox. All that's left for you to do, is decide whether to approve or dismiss each task. Adwords management has never been so easy.

Test Ad Creatives

Allocate budget to your highest performing ads using smart statistical analysis based on Click Through Rate and Conversions.

Optimize Bids

Reduce wasted budget and increase spend on your highest performing segments. Ensure that your keyword bids reflect their performance.

Detect Landing Page Errors

Opteo automatically alerts you to any landing pages handicapping account performance. Never miss another 404 error.

Optimize Display Campaigns

Display ads in profitable placements. Optimize display targeting and refine ad creatives to fully leverage the power of the Display Network.

Structure Accounts

Transform accounts to gain ultimate control. Fix symptomatic keyword duplication, cannibalization, and other structural issues.

Analyse Search Queries

Mine and semantically analyze your search query reports to uncover key negatives and keyword expansion themes.

Automate your Adwords day to day.

Connect your Adwords MCC to Opteo in just 90 seconds.

I'm really happy with Opteo. Saves me a massive amount of time and the insights have helped to streamline all the campaigns we run. Richard Y. We're on board past the trial. I love waking up, checking my list of tasks, and it's done. That's it. Next thing to work on. Thanks a ton guys! Aaron R. The tool is fantastic and really saves me a lot of time in campaign management. Love the new display campaign improvements. Juan C.P. Opteo is exactly what I was looking for, it’s streamlined my daily workload significantly. Easily saves me hours every week. Jacques V.W. Just took a client account which I already considered well optimized from $100+ CPA to $50 CPA in a couple of months! Brian H. Opteo has allowed us to focus on writing better ads, rather than trawling through an endless supply of numbers. Duncan P. Opteo is awesome -- I would recommend it to any PPC specialist I know. Chelsea D Opteo is one of several tools we use to manage AdWords, it's consistently on point and helps us provide best-in-class results for our clients. Chris S You guys have a rad product!!! Adam S There's nothing like service that makes you feel valued. I feel like I speak to a friend when chatting to Support about questions or issues. Duncan P.

Case Study: Brian cuts CPA by 66%

Opteo helped me break things out more with Single Keyword Adgroups, combing through search queries as well as cleaning up creatives, pausing underperforming ads and writing new ones. I took an account which I already considered well optimized from $100+ CPA to $50 CPA in just a couple of months without increasing budget. Simply fantastic results.

Brian H, Digital Marketing Strategist.
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Headquartered in London, our team is composed of passionate AdWords experts, developers and designers. We strive to provide the edge Adwords agencies need to be successful.

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