Increase Product Group Bid 30%

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Office & Desk Chairs (Product Type)

Over the last 30 days, this product group has generated 32 conversions and £7680 conversion value, while staying above its target ROAS of 230%. Increasing bids by 30% should generate an increase of 8 conversions and £1920 in conversion value each month, while continuing to stay above the target ROAS of 230%.

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Product Group Breakdown

Product Group Structure Attribute
All Products
All Products
Chairs & Seating
Product Type Level 1
Office & Desk Chairs
Product Type Level 2

Bid Adjustment


Current CPC Bid


Adjusted CPC Bid

Opteo recommends a 30% bid increase.

Improvement Statistics


Product Group Profit

Over the last 30 days, Office & Desk Chairs generated a profit of £2200.56.


Profit Margin

The product group Office & Desk Chairs has a profit margin of 43.50%.


Search Impression Share

The search impression share for the product group Office & Desk Chairs is 80%.


Absolute Top Impr. Share

The absolute top search impression share for Office & Desk Chairs is 13%.

This improvement was last updated 3 days ago, using data from the last 64 days.