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The keyword +compression +tights spends a significant amount, but converts few searchers. To put things in context, this keyword is 260.5% more expensive (£30.20) than the average in the Compression & Base Layers ad group (£11.59). Opteo recommends pausing this keyword. Click the Pause Keyword button to do so.

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Improvement Statistics



£694.60 was spent on +compression +tights over the last 60 days.



The keyword +compression +tights was responsible for 23 conversions (as specified in the Nike Clothing Campaign Group) over the last 60 days.


Average CPA

The campaign Nike Running is in the Campaign Group Nike Clothing. Over the last 60 days, this campaign group has an average CPA of £18.32.

This improvement was last updated 3 days ago, using data from the last 60 days.