Increase Keyword Bid 25%

The keyword +accounting +software has attracted 27 conversions at $49.85 per conversion. For context, this is 25% cheaper than the average CPA in this campaign group ($62.31). Increasing the bid for this keyword should result in more conversions at a reasonable cost. Click Increase Keyword Bid to raise the bid for +accounting +software by 25%. Click Adjust to increase the bid by a different amount.

Explore the relative CPA of +accounting +software in the graph below.

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Recommended Bid Adjustment


Current Bid


Adjusted Bid

Opteo recommends a +25% bid increase.

Improvement Statistics



$1,345.95 was spent on +accounting +software over the last 60 days.



The keyword +accounting +software was responsible for 27 conversions (as specified in the campaign group Search Campaigns) over the last 60 days.


Average CPA

Search Campaigns has an average CPA of $62.31 over the last 60 days.

This improvement was last updated 3 days ago, using data from the last 60 days.