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Get Opteo alerts via Slack
Get Opteo alerts via Slack

Connect your Slack account to have Opteo alerts delivered straight to your favourite Slack channel.

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Opteo monitors your accounts every day, and notifies you about important changes in key metrics, budget issues, new improvement recommendations and more.

By default, we send these alerts through email. However, if you're a Slack user, you can choose to receive Opteo alerts in your preferred Slack channels instead.

If you manage a single Google Ads account, or you prefer consolidating your alerts in one place, then you can choose to receive alerts in a designated Slack channel (like #opteo-alerts).

If you're handling multiple Google Ads accounts and wish to keep things organised, you can select a distinct Slack channel for each client to receive their specific alerts.

The following alert types are available for Slack:

  • Unexpected Changes

  • Budget Alerts

  • New Improvements

  • Performance Records

  • Zero Impressions

Connect a single Slack channel for all alerts

To have all Opteo alerts delivered to one channel, follow these steps:

  1. Click your avatar at the bottom left of the screen

  2. Navigate to Account Settings

  3. Scroll to Connect Slack

  4. Follow the steps to select your preferred Slack channel

Choose a specific Slack channel per account

If you prefer to assign a distinct Slack channel for each account:

  1. Open an account in Opteo

  2. Click Settings (top right)

  3. Scroll down to the Connect Slack Channel section

  4. Click Connect Slack Channel

  5. Choose your preferred Slack channel

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