Why Exclude Mobile Apps?

Advertising within mobile apps doesn't make sense for most businesses. Mobile apps and games are magnets to accidental clicks. Your placement performance report is probably a testament to that: high numbers of clicks, and few, if any conversions.

It's more than possible that a toddler is playing on their parents' smartphone somewhere, wasting away your budget!

How does this improvement work?

Opteo analyses your entire placement performance report. For display campaigns where:

  • CPA of ads on mobile apps is much worse than your average

  • No 'All Apps' exclusion is applied via a placement exclusion list

  • No subset of mobile apps (e.g. weather apps) has been excluded via a placement exclusion list 

...this improvement will trigger. 

To help you decide whether you'd like to Exclude Mobile Apps or Dismiss, we'll show you the following statistics:

  • Amount spent on ads displayed in mobile apps.

  • Number of conversions they generated.

  • Average CPA of your mobile placements. 

  • Campaign group CPA. 

We'll also show you your top-spending mobile apps and a list of the campaigns that would be affected by this improvement. 

When you push this improvement, if a shared placement exclusions list exists covering the relevant campaigns, we'll add an All Apps exclusion to the list. 

If you don't already have a shared placement exclusions list, we'll create one for you called Mobile App Exclusions and add the All Apps exclusion.

You'll see a separate improvement, Sync Campaigns to Exclusion List, if the relevant campaigns aren't covered by the shared placement exclusion list.

Note: Using adsenseformobileapps.com to exclude mobile placements has been retired, so we've updated the mechanism of this improvement. You may notice it showing up in your Active Improvements even if you've pushed it before, as a result of the new method. 

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