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Why Exclude Site Categories?

Site category options (now also known as content exclusions) are often overlooked. In AdWords, they are enabled by default and hidden away in Settings. You can find them by visiting All Campaigns > Settings > Account Settings > Content Exclusions. 

Site categories encompass the following themes:

🚨  Crime, Police and Emergency
💀  Death and Tragedy
💣  Military and International Conflict
💩  Juvenile, Gross, and Bizarre
🙊  Profanity and Rough Language
💋  Sexually Suggestive Content
🚫  Parked Domains
😵  Error Pages
🎮  In-Game

Advertising on websites in these categories often wastes budget, and the association with your brand might be harmful. 

How does this improvement work?

You'll see this improvement if we've noticed Google allows your ads to appear within at least one of the potentially harmful site categories. If you complete this improvement, we'll block your ads from appearing on the allowed site categories. 

If you'd prefer to exclude only some of the suggested categories, you can choose specific categories to exclude by clicking Adjust. Choosing site categories may be desirable if your business is related to any of their themes. 

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