Given enough conversion data, Opteo will use CPI (conversions per impression) instead of CTR when it recommends "Pause Ad" tasks. 

When there are not enough conversions to use CPI, Opteo falls back to CTR.  

Many users choose to only pause an ad when there is a conclusive CPI based result. In the past, if you got a CTR based "Pause Ad" task, like this one:

You would just dismiss the task for a while (eg. 7 days or 30 days) to let it accumulate more conversion data and hopefully come back with conclusive CPI data.

But now, you can choose to ignore any ad comparisons based on CTR and only get CPI based "Pause Ad" tasks. Here's how you tell Opteo to only show you CPI based "Pause Ad" tasks:

  • Select the desired client from your Client List.
  • Open your Client Settings (the gear icon to the top-right of any client page), then scroll down to CPI Override and check the box that says 'Ignore CTR based "Pause-Ad" tasks'. 
  • Remember to "Save Settings"!

What is CPI and why is it useful?

Conversion Per Impression is a metric that shows the ratio between conversions and impressions (CPI = conversions / impressions). It's a way to incorporate both Click-Through Rate AND Conversion Rate. This way, you're truly optimising for the ads that generate the most conversions.

As an example, an ad with a better conversion rate but a worse click-through rate may result in less conversions than an ad with a worse conversion rate but a better click-through rate. Here's an example:

You can see that we would have picked Ad A as the winner if we were looking at CR%, but in fact Ad B is the better ad if you're looking to maximize conversions.

If you're looking to learn more about CPI, here's an in depth article about CPI in ad testing.

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