How do I use Reports?

Reports is a new way to turn your performance data into beautiful, informative Google Ads reports. To get started open an account, and click Reports in the top navigation bar. this will take you to the Reports page where you can:

Create New Reports

Click the blue 'Create New Report' button to start creating your report. To learn more about creating your reports, check out this help doc.

Access Old Reports

You can click a report to open it up in the report editor. From here, you can make edits to the report, go to the report settings page, or preview and download your final report.

If you click the 'Actions' drop down, you can download the report, duplicate it, or archive it.

Change Page View

On the top right of the page, you can change the view from a grid to a list.

Set Report Preferences

If you click the 'Preferences' button, you can change your default report theme and template. These settings will be applied to any new reports, but you can always change them manually in your report settings.

Archive and Delete Reports

Head to your 'Archived' tab to view any archived reports. If you click the 'Actions' button, you can download the report, move it back to your active list, or delete it. 

Remember: Deleting a report is permanent!

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