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How device bid adjustments work and how Opteo helps you optimise them.
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What are device bid adjustments?

Device bid adjustments allow you to show your ads more or less frequently to searchers using specific devices, for example Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or Connected TV.

For example, if your campaign performs well on Mobile devices, you should apply a positive bid adjustment to increase bids and reach more searchers on Mobile. Whereas, if your campaigns are performing poorly on Desktop, you should apply a negative bid adjustment to reduce CPCs and cut down on wasted spend.

Device bid adjustments are set by percentages. If you have set a starting bid of $1, a bid adjustment of +20% for Mobile would increase bids to $1.20 for Mobile searches only. Your bid would remain at $1 for searches on all other devices in that campaign.

How does this Improvement work?

Opteo continuously monitors the performance of your Search campaigns across Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and Connected TV.

Where Opteo finds a device that has a more expensive CPA than your target, it will suggest a negative bid adjustment, to reduce costs and bring your CPA back in line with your target.

If Opteo finds a device that has a much lower CPA than your target, it will prompt you to apply a positive bid adjustment to try to capture more conversions for your budget.

Opteo will show you the device specific CPA compared to your target CPA, and the percentage of the campaign's spend that the device accounts for.

Using Google's bid simulations in combination with our own machine learning, Opteo will calculate the optimal bid adjustment for your target CPA.

You can then choose whether to:

  • Complete the Improvement to modify bids for the specified device by the noted percentage

  • Dismiss the Improvement for a week, a month, or forever

  • Edit the recommended bid adjustment to apply a smaller or larger bid modifier (note: Opteo caps bid adjustment to +/- 30%).

Technical Notes:

  • Currently, this Improvement is available for Search campaigns only.

  • Opteo always caps recommended bid adjustments at +/-30%. You're welcome to Adjust them outside of this range.

  • Opteo will only prompt you to adjust bids for a device if it has at least 5 conversions over the previous 30 days.

  • Opteo will recommend bid adjustments at the campaign level only. This Improvement will not analyse campaigns using bid modifiers at the ad group level.

  • This Improvement will not consider campaigns in which one single device dominates 90% of the spend, or where all the devices are significantly under or over your target CPA. Instead, Opteo will prompt you to reduce or increase your starting bids in a separate Improvement.

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