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My Google Analytics Scorecard is 0/100
My Google Analytics Scorecard is 0/100

How to ensure Opteo is able to detect a Google Analytics connection for the Google Analytics Scorecard.

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The Google Analytics <> Google Ads integration may be active unilaterally. However, Opteo won't consider it active unless both entities send and receive data. To check this:

Note: Make sure you have admin permissions for both accounts. Also, ensure you manually select this tickbox so the connection can go through.

Head to Google Analytics > Admin > Product Linking > Google Ads Linking in the Property column:

Create a new link group, select the Google Ads account to link, give it a title and be sure to switch on at least one 'View':

From the Google Ads side, go to Tools > Setup > Linked Accounts > Google Analytics, then click Link. You should also see this 'View' button:

2. Make sure 'Import site metrics' is also enabled. You should also ensure that there is only one active linked analytics property. If there is more than one, then disable all but one:

3. The last check is back in Google Ads. You need to see if Google Analytics data is available as a column:

If you can see the Google Analytics columns, then the integration should work in Opteo.

(Note: it can take up to 24 hours for the Scorecard to update).

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