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Mute alerts in Opteo
Mute alerts in Opteo

How to switch off a type of alert, or mute alerts for a specific account.

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Mute alerts for a specific account

If you manage more than one Google Ads account, and you would like to stop receiving alerts for a particular account, follow these steps:

  • Open the account in Opteo

  • Click Settings (top right)

  • Under Alert Settings, choose to mute either Email alerts, Slack alerts, or both

Please note — muting Slack alerts this way will apply to all team members. If other team members wish to receive alerts for this account in Slack, you should check with them before muting.

Muting emails will simply stop you from receiving them, and your other team members will continue to receive email alerts for the account.

Mute a type of alert

There are 5 types of alerts in total — Unexpected Changes, Budget, Performance Records, New Improvements and Zero Impressions.

If you would like to opt out of receiving a certain type of alert (for all accounts), you can switch it off in your Account Settings:

  • Click your avatar in the bottom left of the app

  • Head to Account Settings

  • Scroll to the Alert Settings section

  • Disable that alert type for Slack, Email or both

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