Why Reduce Root Word Bids? 

If a particular word appears in many search terms, Opteo labels that word as a “root word”. For example, if “mobile phone”, “mobile games”, “mobile homes” and “mobile phone cases” all appeared in a campaign's search terms report, Opteo would identify “mobile” as a root word. 

When root words perform poorly, searches containing the root word are converting at far below your target CPA. Opteo would usually suggest blocking these search terms from triggering your ads by adding the root word as a negative. However, in some cases, we’ll find the root word already exists in your keyword lists. You're actively targeting these searchers!

In this case, it doesn’t make sense to add the root word to your negative lists. You’ve chosen the root word as a keyword because you want these searchers to see your ads. Adding it as a negative would also create a keyword conflict

Instead, you should lower your bids on all keywords containing the root word. Lowering bids will reduce wasted spend. 

You might know root words as “n-grams” — 1-grams, 2-gram, and so on. For example, “ceramics” is a 1-gram, “ceramics collections” is a 2-gram, as is “ceramics shop”. These n-grams are generated by every Google search containing the word "ceramics". You can tell n-gram techniques started life in computational linguistics and natural language processing — we think “root word” is the more user-friendly term! 

How does this improvement work? 

Opteo has scanned your search terms report and noted that search terms containing a particular word are converting poorly. As this root word features in your keyword lists, we won’t suggest you add it as a negative.

Instead, we’ll advise you to Reduce Bids on all root word keywords by an optimal percentage. To help you decide whether to complete the improvement, we'll show you stats from the last 90 days, including: 

  • total spend across all root word keywords.

  • total number of conversions from search queries containing the root word. 

  • average CPA of root word keywords.

  • target CPA for the campaign group.

We'll also detail each keyword affected by the bid reduction, its total spend, number of conversions, and current and adjusted bids. 

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