Why Create Single Keyword Ad Group?

Ad groups using only one keyword are called single keyword ad groups (SKAGs). At Opteo, we further define a SKAG as an ad group using one exact match keyword. 

Google suggests adding 10 - 20 keywords per ad group. In our experience, using too many keywords means imprecise or irrelevant copy, so you'll miss out on value with overly broad or poorly targeted ads. 

With SKAGs, only one keyword can trigger your ads, so you can write your ad copy to perfectly match that one keyword. If you have an outstanding keyword producing a high proportion of your conversions — give it a SKAG! A top-performing keyword plus a highly relevant ad equals better CTR, bumping Quality Scores. The effect of a great CTR and QS? Lower CPA!  

Interested in learning more? This video will give you a solid understanding of the theory behind SKAGs. If you want to Dismiss this improvement and make SKAGs the ol’ fashioned way, read about building alpha/beta structured accounts here.

How does this improvement work?

SKAGs are reserved for only your highest volume keywords – our system will only recommend you create one for a keyword in your account with over 100 clicks and over 10 conversions in the last 30 days, as well as having a 1.5% share of total conversions.

We’ll check no SKAG already exists for this keyword and that it isn’t a branding keyword. 

To help you decide whether to Create SKAG, we’ll provide stats on the keyword’s spend, clicks and conversions, all from the last 60 days. 

Adding SKAGs is one of our more complex improvements – on our end! We never do anything to your account without your knowledge and permission, so here’s a detailed breakdown of everything that happens after you click Create SKAG.

1. Create New Ad Group

Within the campaign where we found the high-performing keyword, we'll create an ad group called SKAG for: {Keyword}. 

2. Add Exact Match Keyword

We'll add the keyword as an [exact match] to our newly-created ad group.

3. Add Highest-Performing Text Ad

We'll add your highest-performing text ad to the SKAG. Opteo selects the ad based on historical performance and will show a preview of the chosen one.  

4. Add New Text Ad 

Within the improvement, we'll prompt you to use our Ad Writer to create a new ad for the SKAG. Customised ads using terms of the keyword are a crucial component of a powerful SKAG, and now you have an ad test live right away.

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