Alerts are generated on both the campaign and account level, informing you about new available improvement tasks, budget swings, and shifts in KPIs. 

You'll find your Alert Settings inside Account Settings (click on your icon in the bottom left of the screen, and then click Account Settings).

Under Alert Settings, simply tick the alerts you'd like to receive via Slack and/or email. Email alerts are sent once per day, grouped by the type of alert.

We have 5 types of alerts. They are:

  • KPI Anomalies (Unexpected changes in cost, clicks and impressions)

  • Budget (If you are significantly over or under spending)

  • Conversion Performance (If you hit a milestone with your conversion amount)

  • Zero Impressions (If your costs suddenly decrease to 0)

  • New Improvements (A round up of all new Improvements for that day, across all of your accounts)

Ticking these boxes will switch on alerts at both the campaign and account level.

As soon as Opteo generates an improvement for a client or a KPI swing is found, you'll get an alert via Slack. If you need to connect Slack to Opteo, see the help doc here for instructions. 

If you'd like to switch alerts on or off for a particular client, see this help doc

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