Setting budgets for your accounts in Opteo will unlock additional features like budget alerts and budget visualisations 📈  📊  📉

Here’s a quick overview of how it all works.

Set a Budget

In your Account Centre, accounts with N/A by their names have no budget set. Click on the cogwheel to enter a budget, and click Update Settings when you're done. 

Adding a budget to Opteo means we can give you the most appropriate, tailored improvement tasks and alerts. It won't make any changes to your Google Ads account. 

You will now see a budget status for each account in your Account Centre, and receive budget alert emails or Slack messages when relevant.

Budget Status in Account Centre

Once you've added a budget, the percentage next to the account's name in your Account Centre shows how much of that budget you're predicted to spend this month. 

The colour of the percentage indicates whether you will be significantly above or below target (red), slightly above or below target (orange), or on target (green).

If you're looking at a red or amber percentage, you might want to adjust the pace of your spending.

Note: Our algorithm gets stricter as the month progresses, as it becomes more difficult to remedy over-or under-spending with fewer days left.

Modifying Budgets

If you'd like to change the set budget for an account, follow the steps above or you can also do this in your Account Settings.

In the top right corner, click Settings. Scroll down until you find Account Budget, from here you can modify the budget amount. Click Update Account Budget when you're done. 

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