Setting budgets in Opteo will unlock additional features like budgets alerts and budget visualisations 📈  📊  📉

Here’s a quick overview of how it all works:

Setting a client budget:

From the Client List, click “Set Budget” for one of your client accounts:

Budget Status in the client list:

This column shows a measure of your projected budget vs. your target budget, relative to how far you've progressed through the month. You’ll see a % value inside a three-coloured traffic light system. Here’s what those colours mean:

  • Red = projected budget is significantly above or below your target budget.
  • Amber = projected budget is slightly above or below your target budget.
  • Green = projected budget is on track with your target budget.

If you're scoring close to 100% then you're likely to meet your target budget by continuing at your current rate of spend. If you're scoring above or below 100% then you'll need to either increase or reduce your spend in order to meet your budget.

Note: Our algorithm gets stricter as the month progresses. This is because it becomes more difficult to make a difference to your budget as the month comes to an end. For example, being 25% over budget on the sixth day of a month isn't too big of a deal, there's still plenty of time to make changes and get back on track. Conversely, if you're 25% over budget on the twenty-fifth day of a month, it may be impossible to reduce spending quickly enough to recover.

Budget vs. Projected Spend in Client "Overview" Tab:

Your client’s “Overview” tab in Opteo includes target budget:

In this example, you can see that we’re projected to be over-budget based on our current trajectory.

Modifying Client Budgets

You can modify a client’s “Target Budget” at any point from inside their Client Settings, located inside the gear icon to the top-right of any client page:

Make sure you 'Save Settings' ! 😄

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